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South Asian Update
South Asian Update


36% of Bangladeshi CEOs bullish on economic growth 

 Update: 12:23, 31 March 2024

36% of Bangladeshi CEOs bullish on economic growth 

A recent survey reveals that 36 percent of CEOs in Bangladesh are anticipating an upturn in economic growth over the next year.

This figure marks a noteworthy increase from the 31 percent reported in the previous year, as per the latest Annual Global CEO Survey conducted by the renowned international advisory firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
The survey, encompassing insights from 4,702 CEOs across 105 countries, including 52 respondents from Bangladesh, also underscores a heightened sense of confidence among Bangladeshi business leaders regarding longer-term growth prospects.
According to a statement released by PwC Bangladesh, a significant 43% of local CEOs express optimism regarding the growth of their businesses within the upcoming three years. This contrasts with a more cautious 24% who are confident about revenue growth within the next 12 months.
The survey findings shed light on CEOs' strategic contemplation towards the imperative of long-term transformation within their organizations, aligning with global trends. Notably, 57% of CEOs are contemplating changes to their business models, while 47% have already integrated new technologies to enhance product quality and streamline processes. Additionally, 28% have assembled specialized teams for technology development initiatives.
Energy efficiency and decarbonization emerge as key focal points, with 72% of Bangladeshi CEOs reporting improvements in energy efficiency within their firms.
The survey also underscores a growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI), with nearly 80% of CEOs expressing belief in the potential of generative AI to enhance efficiency in their own work within the next 12 months. A similar sentiment is shared regarding its impact on the workforce, with 74% anticipating efficiency improvements for their employees. Moreover, a substantial portion (57%) anticipates a revenue boost, while 60% foresee enhanced profitability through the adoption of AI technologies.


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