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US to remain Bangladesh's steadfast partner in resolving Rohingya crisis

 Published: 15:31, 12 June 2024

US to remain Bangladesh's steadfast partner in resolving Rohingya crisis

The US has said it will continue to advocate with the countries in the region and at the United Nations for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Myanmar so that the Rohingyas and others displaced by the violence can safely return home.

'Until that day arrives, Bangladesh can be assured that the United States will remain a steadfast partner in addressing the Rohingya refugee humanitarian crisis,' stated Mackenzie Rowe, Regional Refugee Coordinator at the US Embassy, during a briefing at the American Centre today.
Rowe highlighted that any impact on the humanitarian assistance program for the Rohingyas is a concern for the US. She emphasized the importance of collaboration with partners to address these issues effectively.
The United States stands as the largest donor of humanitarian assistance for those affected by the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and the surrounding region. Since August 2017, US funding for the crisis has reached nearly $2.4 billion, supporting over 740,000 Rohingyas who fled from genocide, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar's Rakhine State.
"Out of this total, nearly $1.9 billion has been contributed by the United States to support refugees and host communities in Bangladesh alone," Rowe noted.
She assured that Bangladesh is not alone in this effort. "The United States, along with many other governments, UN agencies, and NGOs, are partnering with Bangladesh to assist the Rohingya refugees," she added.
Rowe expressed gratitude on behalf of the international community, including the United States, to the people and government of Bangladesh for their generosity in hosting the refugees until they can safely and voluntarily return to their homeland.
Currently, Bangladesh is hosting over 1.3 million Rohingyas in Cox's Bazar and Bhasan Char.


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