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US warns Pakistan it won’t support gas pipeline with Iran

 Published: 15:01, 27 March 2024

US warns Pakistan it won’t support gas pipeline with Iran

As Pakistan explores legal avenues to gain US approval for the continuation of the gas pipeline project with Iran, Washington issued a stern warning, indicating it would not endorse such a venture.

During a routine press briefing on Tuesday US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller conveyed this message. The briefing included inquiries regarding remarks made by Assistant Secretary Donald Lu expressing the US's disapproval of Pakistan proceeding with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline and Pakistan's exploration of legal options to secure a waiver from the US.
In response, Miller cautioned that any advancement on the pipeline could result in US sanctions. He emphasized the longstanding advice from the US regarding the risks associated with engaging in business with Iran, particularly concerning sanctions compliance. 
Additionally, Miller reiterated Assistant Secretary Lu's recent statement affirming the US's opposition to the pipeline's continuation.
Assistant Secretary Lu, while testifying before a subcommittee of the US Congress House Committee on Foreign Affairs, articulated Washington's objective to thwart the pipeline's completion, particularly following Pakistan's approval of construction for the remaining 80-kilometer section of the pipeline.


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