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New York to London in less than 2 hours

 Published: 15:43, 23 November 2023

New York to London in less than 2 hours

The X-59 supersonic aircraft, heralded as the next leap in jet travel speed, is edging closer to a crucial phase of its development.

On November 14, the X-59 entered the paint barn at a Lockheed Martin facility in Southern California, marking a significant step in its preparation for upcoming tests.
Following the application of red, white, and blue paint, NASA plans to conduct final measurements before selecting several locations in the United States for flyover tests.
Project manager Cathy Bahm expressed excitement, stating, "I'll see our vision coming to life. The upcoming year will be pivotal for the X-59."
NASA foresees approximately 50 existing airline routes benefiting from the introduction of the X-59. Notably, one potential route could include round-trip service between London and New York City, cutting travel time by 90 minutes compared to current flights.
As per Britain's Express tabloid, conventional large airliners typically travel at around 600 miles per hour. Although the exact speed capabilities of the X-59 remain undisclosed, the 20th-century Concorde could cruise at 1,354 miles per hour, enabling travel from New York to London in under three hours. The X-59, however, is designed with the ambition to cover the same distance in a swift hour and a half, according to reports from the Express.


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