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South Asian Update


Myanmar’s insurgent coalition seizes towns near Chinese border

 Update: 11:35, 29 November 2023

Myanmar’s insurgent coalition seizes towns near Chinese border

A month-long intense confrontation between Myanmar's ruling military and a coalition of ethnic minority insurgents has resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of individuals in the border region, as reported by the United Nations.

Concerns have mounted in Beijing regarding the escalating instability and the potential influx of refugees caused by the conflict.
This rebellion marks the most significant challenge on the battlefield for Myanmar's well-equipped military since it seized control in a coup in 2021. The alliance of pro-democracy militias, bolstered by successes in the north, has intensified its attacks on security forces across other regions in the country.
Referred to as the 'Three Brotherhood Alliance,' these insurgents have claimed control over multiple towns and the Kyin-San-Kyawt border gate, a significant trading point in the township of Muse adjacent to China. Recent events in the same area saw a convoy of goods trucks set ablaze, termed a 'terrorist attack' by the junta.
The coalition, resolute in their actions, announced their readiness to escalate their operations on Monday. They commenced coordinated attacks a month ago with the aim of reclaiming territories from the military junta while countering the airstrikes and shelling conducted by the military.
In a statement, the alliance articulated their achievements through unified operations, citing the seizure of military outposts and strategic hills utilized for shelling civilians. They emphasized the sacrifices made, including blood, sweat, and even lives, to counter the junta's actions affecting civilians in the region.


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