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Two Pakistani soldiers killed in armed attack on security personnel in Balochistan

 Published: 15:08, 1 April 2024

Two Pakistani soldiers killed in armed attack on security personnel in Balochistan

Two Pakistani soldiers lost their lives as armed assailants opened fire on security personnel in the Balochistan province. 

The incident occurred near Gwadar, where a bomb disposal team of the Pakistan Army was engaged in clearing landmines in the Ankara Dam area. In addition to the fatalities, four soldiers sustained injuries during the attack.
Reports indicate that the firing incident occurred approximately 25 kilometers away from Gwadar city, catching the security personnel off guard.
In the aftermath of the assault, the fallen soldiers and the injured were swiftly evacuated to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies swiftly launched a comprehensive search operation to track down the perpetrators responsible for the heinous attack. As of now, no group has claimed responsibility for the cowardly act.
The region, historically plagued by unrest, has often been associated with the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), notorious for its involvement in various attacks in the Gwadar vicinity. The BLA, motivated by its opposition to Chinese investments in Balochistan, frequently accuses both China and Pakistan of exploiting the province's rich resources for their gain.
Despite these persistent allegations, authorities vehemently deny any such exploitation. In a recent incident on March 24, the BLA claimed responsibility for an attack on the Gwadar Port Authority Complex. In response, security forces engaged and successfully neutralized eight militants linked to the banned separatist group during a confrontation, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by security personnel in the region.


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