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EU wants to increase trade with Bangladesh: Ambassador

 Published: 14:59, 5 February 2024

EU wants to increase trade with Bangladesh: Ambassador

The European Union's Ambassador to Bangladesh Charles Whiteley has conveyed the EU's keen interest in boosting investments in Bangladesh. 

Reports from local media indicate that the EU Ambassador emphasized the desire to enhance trade ties and increase the export of Bangladeshi products to the European Union.
During a meeting with Finance Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali at the secretariat in Dhaka on Monday, Ambassador Charles Whiteley highlighted the existing trade volume of €24 billion between Europe and Bangladesh. He underscored the EU's commitment to furthering economic cooperation with Bangladesh and fostering a conducive environment for increased exports to the European market.
The ambassador's statement reflects the EU's intention to strengthen its economic engagement with Bangladesh, signaling potential opportunities for enhanced collaboration and trade partnerships between the two regions. 
The meeting between the EU Ambassador and the Finance Minister signifies a diplomatic effort to explore avenues for expanding economic cooperation and facilitating mutual benefits in the realm of trade and investment.


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