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Bangladesh High Commissioner Saida elected Vice-Chair of IMO Assembly

 Published: 12:26, 29 November 2023

Bangladesh High Commissioner Saida elected Vice-Chair of IMO Assembly

Bangladesh High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Saida Muna Tasneem has been unanimously elected with 150 votes as the First Vice President of the 33rd Assembly of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

This historic milestone marks Bangladesh's inaugural election to one of the top positions within the esteemed IMO General Assembly, consisting of 175 member states convening biennially in London to address pivotal regulatory, financial, legal, and technical matters governing the global maritime sector.
Representing Bangladesh during the voting process held on November 27, 2023, was Saida Muna Tasneem the country's High Commissioner to the UK and its permanent representative at the IMO. The election of Bangladesh as Vice-Chair underscores the nation's growing prominence and contributions within the maritime industry and governmental spheres on an international scale.
The presidency was conferred upon Saudi Arabia's Prince Khalid bin Bandar al Saud, while the selection of the Vice-Chair involved a process managed by the IMO Secretariat. This selection method was based on nominations and votes from Permanent Representatives representing the 175 member states actively participating in the IMO Assembly.
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) stands as the foremost specialized agency under the United Nations, entrusted with addressing global maritime concerns. Its responsibilities encompass ensuring the safety and security of shipping, along with preventing marine and atmospheric pollution caused by ships. 
Moreover, the IMO's multifaceted initiatives align closely with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, marking a crucial contribution to global sustainability efforts.
Bangladesh's election to the position of Vice-Chair at the IMO Assembly signifies a significant stride in the nation's engagement with and commitment to shaping the future of the maritime industry while contributing to global maritime governance.


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