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Bangladesh Consulate in Myanmar’s Rakhine being moved temporarily

 Published: 14:56, 11 February 2024

Bangladesh Consulate in Myanmar’s Rakhine being moved temporarily

The Bangladesh Consulate in the capital of Rakhine's Switte, Myanmar, is set to undergo a temporary relocation to Yangon due to the prevailing security concerns in the region.

According to a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a verbal instruction has been issued, and the relocation process is currently in progress. In a precautionary measure, other foreign missions situated in Switte are also making the move to Yangon, prioritizing security considerations.
On Saturday, Bangladesh's Foreign Minister, Dr. Hasan Mahmud, disclosed that the repatriation process of Myanmar security forces, who sought refuge in Bangladesh, is in progress. This development follows discussions between the two countries aimed at addressing the complex situation.
Foreign Minister Mahmud highlighted that it was not only members of Myanmar's Border Guard Police (BGP) and army who had sought refuge in Bangladesh but also some civilians. Additionally, he noted that over a hundred individuals had entered India under similar circumstances.
'In addition to those who took shelter in Bangladesh, several members of their families, along with their border forces and army, have also fled from Myanmar to our country. Our Ambassador had a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Myanmar, and Myanmar has agreed to take them back,' explained Foreign Minister Mahmud.


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